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A great material to consider when doing your next bathroom or kitchen renovation is soapstone. Now a days people tend to be going more towards materials that look and feel natural. For someone looking for these qualities we really recommend soapstone it has an amazingly smooth texture, you just won’t believe it when you get your hands on it. Soapstone is a natural stone made from quartz, it is also composed of mineral talc. Talc is the reason for its super soft texture, but the soapstone that is used for bathrooms and kitchens has greater percentages of quartz in it so that it is harder and more suitable for these areas, but it still maintains it’s incredible smooth texture. Some great qualities of soapstone are that is is non-porous which makes it very stain resistant, non- absorbent, heat resistant, and one of our favourites is that it’s traction increases when wet which will make it less slippery. You can find a variety or products made from soapstone to use for your renovation such as tile, countertops or shower base.

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