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Steam shower

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Want a spa experience without having to leave your home? If you've been thinking of doing a bathroom renovation it's probably also the right time to think about installing a steam shower. With a steam shower in place your bathroom won't only look good but it will also make you feel good with so many benefits that it provides such as improving cardiovascular health, improves circulation which can lead to lowered blood pressure. One of the benefits that many active people love is that it loosens stiff muscles, and helps with stretching. Steam bathing can also help with relieving respiratory symptoms, hydrates dry skin, and the list of benefits can just go on and on. When considering this, steam isn't the only therapy that you can add to you bathroom, you can also do chromatherapy, music therapy, and aromatherapy. You can pick and choose what you would like in your own spa like bathroom by creating a package at

Installing a steam system isn't easy but we have the experience and knowledge. Setting this up involves many steps that people don't often consider such as adding a new electrical feed line with the right size wire for the steam generator, new plumbing from a certified plumber to bring in a drain pipe into the bathroom, and water lines to the specified area, a custom shower glass will also need to be ordered the glass goes all the way to the ceiling, with a door and a ventilation door above the main door. Any thing that needs to be done in order to have a steam bathroom will be determined with a home visit. Check out some photos below for a steam bathroom renovation we did in calabogie for this one we used Steamist. For more photos visit our portfolio here .

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